Sunday, 20 October 2013

BAKING ATTACK - a different look at baking problems.

I am currently having a baking attack - this is the only way I can describe it.  The first symptoms appeared on wednesday evening when I made a batch of sausage rolls and about 100 spiced pork in filo pastry bites.  I made the pork bites to freeze, I find it very useful to have a variety of uncooked savouries ready to bake at a moments notice. 

Then friday evening I realised there wasn't any bread in the house for toast in the morning.  Easy way - go to the garage and buy some, my way - to make the first bread for a year and it wasn't to bad.

Now to saturday, you can see why I have called this an attack, I had promised oat and sultana cookies (this was an attempt to use up some oats), then as I had some tea left in the pot I decided to make my version of a boiled fruitcake recipe using the tea instead of water,  and finally I had all the ingredients for making mincemeat so I thought I would get that done as well.  
The recipe I use for mincemeat is one I have used over and over.  This time I didn't have any blanched or flaked almonds so I decided to blanch my own.  Can't be that hard I thought, no it is not that hard but it is fiddly and time consuming - very time consuming - now I know the reason why blanched almonds cost more.

This is where my 'problem' starts to rear it's head, while cooking and looking forward to the eating my mind is thinking of all the other things I could be baking . . . I have had this problem before when it is not enough to bake a cake I want to bake all the cakes NOW!!!! Last time it took inviting lots of people to tea to help resolve the situation.  There are not enough people in my house to cope with the amount of baking I want to do during one of these 'attacks'. 

Is this just me or do others have this problem as well?