Monday, 26 May 2014

BAGS with a dark side

I HAVE BEEN MAKING BAGS - for my shop  The first ones that I listed were inspired by some of the stunning tattoos that I have seen lately.

My latest bag has a victoriana/Gothic feel to it I walked through the churchyard I used to play in as a child and there had been a lot of work done to tidy the graveyard.  Sadly there were a lot of damaged graves, some of which had small trees growing out of them and some that had been broken.  I took quite a few photos as I walked round.  
I used some of these photos for the design of this bag. 

Altering the pictures I gave them an eerie feel, and a macabre quote intensified this.  FROM THIS SLUMBER THOU SHALT WAKE  The top of the bag with its ruffles and frills evokes an image of the bustles and picture hats of the late Victorian and Edwardian eras.  
I love this bag even though it felt as though it was fighting me each step of its creation.

Sunday, 18 May 2014


A few weeks ago my partner discovered to his horror that the glass on his 5' tank was bowing.  Holding it together with sash clamps worked till the next day when he bolted it together with some 8mm studding. A new tank was ordered, the thought of fish dying on a ruined carpet didn't bare thinking about.
 There was quite a bit of preparation to do, like mixing the soil, testing spare heaters and getting the old tanks ready for the fish and plants. The plants were removed first.
There were a couple of pieces of bog wood with JAVA FERNS and ANUBIAS on, which were far to big for any of the containers, so we had to work fast to get them back into the tank on the same day.  The rest of the plants and the fish were safe overnight.

a jug of fish and shrimp being transferred to their temporary home.      

The last of the water being emptied into buckets so we can use it to refill the new tank. Checking for any fish that were left.

was put into place and the old tank was moved into the garden so it could be broken up. a two separate soil mixtures were layered into the bottom of the tank and then a layer of fine black gravel.

Some of the plants had grown so much that they were no longer attached to the wood so we tied them back on with fishing line. 

Transferring the plants and planting them took some time. 

The black gravel shows the plants up very nicely. Then it was time to return the fish to their home.

waiting for the water to settle



Sunday, 11 May 2014

Things that get done when the internet is unavailable

A few weeks ago my computer died, this meant that I was unable to spend time online.  Crafting with my computer was also not an option.  All was not lost though, there were part finished projects to complete, a knitting frame for making socks to learn how to use, and some cards to be made.  

  A card for a diamond wedding anniversary Looking through my stash I found these beautiful foiled roses.  I had a lot of fun making this card, putting mini diamonds on each of the dragonflies inside the card.

I knitted this little cover gift from a magazine.  I changed the pattern slightly and put some loops of wool across the sheep's head.

 I finished two more bags for my Etsy shop

I helped with a rather urgent fish tank change over. Very time consuming but satisfying.  Several dramas involved (teaser alert).

I have some time learning to use a knitting loom for making socks.  Think I have the hang of it now and understand the instructions for turning the heel.