Sunday, 19 January 2014

Getting Ahead - a step foreward to avoid future panic

Every year  as Christmas gets closer there begins the yearly panic as I think about the cards.  There have times when making them has been more of a chore than a pleasure (to begin with) and I have felt it would be much easier to buy the cards.
This year as papers, peel offs, card and glitter were still on the table and needed sorting I thought that making cards would be the best option.  An easy way to use up excess supplies, a lack of pressure would make card making fun again, and as I like to do a lot of baking at Christmas having the cards made in advance would give me more time to do so.  
I also wanted to be firm with myself and get rid of any papers I had had for too long or didn't like very much.  
The end result is a box with more cards than I need, more space in the cupboards and a happy neighbour who has been given the excess for the school she works at.