Tuesday, 25 December 2012


IT'S CHRISTMAS and I did manage to be ready - I had doubts if I would be especially as I was lent seven Game of Thrones books at the end of november.  First two lots of presents are now opened, the cat is curled up at home and we are waiting for dinner.  Then later today we will be at my sisters for the evening and more presents.
I am hoping that people like the mug cosies I have made and the Owl fingerless gloves (from Mollie Makes) which to be honest were a bit of a nightmare (must improve knitting skills I kept dropping needles - in my defence sometimes there were five).  Looking foreward to crafting my little heart out in the new year and hopefully improving my online store so things really take off.
I brought my knitting with me today but I am sharing the chair with a dog so that will be for later.

Saturday, 8 December 2012


When I saw the cover of issue 21 of MOLLIE MAKES I really liked the owl wrist warmers.  They looked so cosy and the owls design was very eye catching.

I didn't have the right size double ended needles to make the wrist warmers right away so I decided to start with the mug cosy by the same designer,  TANYA ANTONOVA.
 I didn't have the right wools or needles for that either but I thought I would give it a go.
 I have made a couple of mug warmers prior to this that I had designed myself using a cross stitch design of a reindeer to make them Christmassy.
 I am not a very fast knitter and I would never call myself an expert.  This is a very easy pattern to knit - if anyone has been wanting to try cable and thinks it is complicated then this is the item to make a start with.  

I had it completed in under 45 minutes (as I said I am not a fast knitter).  And it was such a fun design as well.  

Beginning to cast off.

To the right it is almost finished and below is the completed piece before sewing it up and attaching beads for eyes.

 The owl would have had better definition if I had used a thicker wool  but I am quite pleased with how this has turned out.
Today I am going to buy the right size needles and some chunky wool and have another go.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

New tales and crafting adventures

Thank you all for your patience concerning the lack of new blogs.  I will be writting again soon.  I have been busy crafting away making various items for my shelf at ROUGH TRADE, my on-line shops and as presents.  I also seem to be in complete denial about Christmas.  I only baked the cakes on tuesday, I have not made any cards yet and have a multitude of other things that I usually bake cook or craft yet to do.  I think the only way I am keeping sane is by not counting days.  On top of this I have just been lent seven books of the GAME OF THRONES series.  Enjoyable reading but really not helping me get on with the pre-Christmas tasks.

and I will let you know how I am getting along