Sunday, 9 February 2014

FISKARS FUSE - how much can it do

THE FISKARS FUSE one of the more expensive die cutting machines on the market at the moment.  So what can it do?  I had no plans to get a die cutter, in fact while decorating my Christmas cakes I had cut up several embossing folders that I had got as cover gifts so I could use them to emboss icing (this worked really well).
However just before Christmas I was in my local HOBBYCRAFT store and saw their display of die cutters. 
The one that caught my eye was the FUSE, but as I had found the last system I possessed limiting and it was expensive I decided I wasn't that bothered.  The next week I looked again and saw that it was compatible with other makes of dies and the adaptor plates were included in the offer price. 
 This changed things,  all the dies and embossing folders I had been looking at would work with it.  There was a clip of things it would cut, emboss and letter press.  This all made it more desirable.  Still not wanting to rush into it I went home watched some stuff on Youtube checked some magazines and then asked if I could have it for Christmas.

 Trial runs have been interesting and I have managed to damage my adaptor cutting mat a little so I will need a new one.  So was it worth it ...... YES!
 All the reviews I read or watched only used the plates that came with the Fuse.  I have used it with a wide range of dies and embossing plates/folders. 

 To begin with I used various papers and thin cards and then I remembered that it would work on leather.  
These are my first attempts.

So far I have only embossed the leather with my cutting dies.  The first piece was fairly thick so I wasn't expecting too much.  The ship was done on thinner leather and I think if I had run it through the machine a couple more times then it would have cut the leather.  I think there are loads of possibilities.  

There is also storage  there is also storage on one side of the machine - just big enough for my current collection.