Sunday, 26 October 2014

Christmas on its way

Having made an early start to this years Christmas (as I hadn't put away my card making stuff after last Christmas day I went straight on to making them for this Christmas) I felt that I should try for a panic free time this year. 
 So now the mincemeat is made so it is beautifully mature and tasty when I need to make my pies, I have to wait to do this until the end of October because I like to use my apples and they ripen late.  The Christmas cakes are made, might have to do another one but I think its only three this year.  
I have all the ingredients ready for making truffles closer to the day.  
And I have made the Chili Jam - not my cup of tea but there are a couple of people I give it to as presents.
Then I need to make the sausage rolls and bacon puffs and freeze them uncooked so they will be ready when needed.  
I have a fair bit of sewing to do this year so I need to get started on that next.