Sunday, 18 November 2012


I HAVE HAD A BUSY few weeks as I had committed myself to delivering some Christmas themed brooches to Jemima's Locket, Minster-in-Thanet

The shop closes at one o clock on a saturday so I had to make sure I made my deadline.  I wanted to make a dozen brooches.  I also had some hair clips part finished and thought that they would be good to try as well.

I have also been needle felting little gingerbread men for brooches. Some of these have already made their way to ROUGH TRADE in Margate. I want to get some made for Jemimas Locket before Minster's late night shopping night.

Today I weighed out the ten kilo bag of sugar nibs that I brought earlier this week.  I feel happier now it is out of a paper sack and into plastic boxesMuch easier to store in my cupboards and lots of glorious baking to look forward to.

It was very important that I made some jam as we had run out  completely.  That was squeezed in as well and there are now five jars of Strawberry/Raspberry jam and five jars of mixed fruit jam.  I think I see scones in the very near future.


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