Monday, 9 September 2013


 This is the latest card that I have made. Some time ago I used a pre-printed kit to make this effect, this time I wanted to start from scratch.  The end result has a different picture depending on which side of the card you view it from.
 To make my card I printed two photos just under A5 size - one was a picture of Broadstairs, Kent and the other was of Campbells Bay, Auckland.

I cut each picture into 1cm  wide strips being very careful to keep all the strips in order.

Then I stuck alternate pieces onto a sheet of A4 paper with double sided tape.

I photocopied the photo onto thin card.

Using a bone folder I scored the line between the different photos.


Making nice sharp folds I worked my way across ....

The beach at Broadstairs.

The beach at Campbells Bay.

With the photos scored, folded and stuck onto the card it was time to add some papers and embellishments to finish off the card.

A few paper flowers, card fish and some tiny seashells .... then a twist of ribbon.

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