Thursday, 12 December 2013


 SOME VERY GOOD FRIENDS ARE GETTING MARRIED and I found a lovely picture that I wanted to use in some way on their card.  A picture of two cats.  I had no idea what form this card was going to take - just that I wanted this picture.  Various ideas drifted about but none were quite right.  Even after the invitation arrived I had no clear idea.
 Then my muse struck ...... a booklet type card.  A lot of work, yes.  Worth every minute, yes.  
Starting with the DCWV Once upon a time 8" x 8" pad I looked for the right images for this fairy tale.

A castle, a forest, gates and a joke linked to the invitation.  Pictures found and then altered using CRAFT ARTIST.

To make my card I began with a sketch, I don't usually do this but I wanted to know exactly how many pages I would need.  I also had to know where to split the pages to add an air of mystery to my story.  With the pictures chosen, altered and stuck to my backing pages I bound my card using my Zutter Bind-it-all.  It seemed right to try alternate pages for this card, I was a little worried about doing this without a trial run but it worked really well.  I rounded the corners of the pages to give a nice finish. 

With the base card made I can really go to town decorating the pages.  
Using an arched window background sheet I cut out the bridal cats and after sticking them down highlighted some features with glitter glue.

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