Saturday, 22 March 2014

WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE Tattoo inspired purse number one

 Back to creating purses out of cigar boxes, this time round they have become a little darker - inspired by some of the awesome tattoos that are being displayed by so many people.  It amazes me how such a plain box can change into something really unique, it is almost as if they take on their own destiny.  

So welcome to my nightmare as I show you my first 'by ink, inspired' creation.

 There were hints of a blacker side with the 'WHAT'S YOUR POISON' purse, I made some time ago, that was covered with various vintage poison labels. This has been one of my favourite bags and I use it often.

 Each flower has been handcrafted whether it has been made from polymer clay and then painted before being varnished ......

..... or if the flowers have been made from fabric, these circles (cut using my FUSE) made really effective flowers when completed.

Using pages from an Anne Rice vampire novel I decopatched the box before adding a lovely dark floral designed paper and painting the box.  
 The skull heart and some text was added front & back and that was also painted.
 Flowers were added to the front  and given beaded centres.


Heart and key metal charms have been attached using strings of black beads.

The handle is covered with a toning chiffon ribbon and fabric flowers are then fixed to its base, with clay flowers climbing up one side.

 The whole has been varnished inside and out making it very hardwearing.  Although it is a fairly small bag it is big enough for everything needed for a night out.

 Sorry fan and vintage evening gloves not included

 I am uncertain if a 'wooden stake' charm would add a quirky charm to this style of bag or whether it would just be horribly twee and spoil the effect - I would love to know how you feel about it.

Beaded centres to the handcrafted flowers

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