Sunday, 20 July 2014

A summers day at the War and Peace Revival

It is the time of year when tanks, trucks, guns etc roll across the Kentish countryside to a massive event.  Static displays of living history, arena shows, army surplus stands have now (at the second year at the new venue) been joined by classic cars, a 'home front' village, vintage fashion shows and stalls with clothes - some vintage some replicas.
As this years show finishes at the end of sunday 20th July plans are already being made for the next show.

I love classic car shows like this with a lot of variety there are so many beautiful cars.

A friend of mine was taking part in a fashion show - but not the one I watched .... this one in the home front village was very interesting.  Finding out about the reduction of the number of buttons (to free up valuable time), how many coupons were needed for clothes and details about styling.

A walk around the camps and vehicle display takes a long time but worth it.

The Home Front village with tape across the glass, a pub, shelter in the dig for victory garden (with chickens), war memorial to those lost in the Great War gives a good idea of what things were like even on a hot summers day. 

DRINK BING a soft drink still available today in Kent.

 Just right for smoothing the showground ready for the next day.

I would recommend more than one day because there is so much to see and do, this really is the tip of the ice berg, there are dances and variety shows throughout the day and evening.  And in the true spirit of the Blitz even the rain and storms of the last two nights can't stop.

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