Monday, 17 November 2014

A fallen tree becomes a work of art

 In Ellington Park, Ramsgate this year some tree stumps have become owls, squirrels, a toadstool home for fairy folk and an amazing sculpture of a WW1 soldier.  So when I saw work being started on this felled tree I spent a lot of time trying to decide what it was going to be.  The work is being done by Andrew Stevens and I am in awe of his talent.  I keep looking at his website to see his other creations.  
 This is bigger than the other carvings in the park so took longer before there were many clues to what it would end up being.

 Every time I walked through the park a little more detail had been done.

There is even detail at the ends of the tree, and a butterfly rests on the top.  A snake sliding along the leaves. And a ladybird, a dragonfly, and some flowers nestle amoungst the leaves.

It soon becomes clear that it is a bench, a beautiful, stand up to anything bench, covered with flowers and insects.

 Burning the wood brings out details that might be missed 
Now I wander all the corners of the park whenever possible so as not to miss any more wonderful carvings.  I am so pleased that as yet nobody has felt the need to damage these works of art. 

The Friends of Ellington Park are doing such a wonderful job and are making even a quick walk through the park on the way to work exciting. I am looking forward to seeing other projects develop. 

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