Sunday, 29 July 2012

The sea in her power and splendour

TODAY we went to collect sea glass and I took my camera. 

The tide was just going out so I walked along the beaches as they were uncovered.

The wooden shuttering has been eroded and with seaweeds and barnacles looks stunning

A lone chalk boulder in the sand and what is left of the breakwater.

Barnacles on an iron upright - the wood has already been worn away.

 Even the concrete walls are being worn away.

Small caves are being created .

 Some of the metal uprights have been toppled over.
  Here a hole has been going all the way through the concrete groyne

A pool has been created in the middle of the groyne.


  1. I do miss the seaside, but then I have so much countryside.........

  2. It is not the same. I am not close enough to the sea and I miss it as well.