Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Goldwork project part 3 - the design

This seems to be taking a long while but I am doing so many different things at the moment I am struggling to find time for them all. 

I have chosen the design elements, photocopied them, outlined them in a stronger black and cut them out.  Put some 28count blue linen into a eight inch embroidery frame and arranged the two dragonflies and the flower.  When I was happy with the layout I held each piece behind the frame and traced it onto the fabric.  Then I back stitched over the pencilled lines so I could follow the design once I began the Goldwork.

A chair is a sheltered part of the garden - this is where I sat to do the prep work for my embroidery.  It wasn't really warm enough to be sitting outside but it is supposed to be summer so I thought I would give it a go.

So now the design has been chosen and prepped, I have my birthday present GOLDWORK by Hazel Everette ready by my side so here I go.................


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