Sunday, 26 August 2012

10th Essex and a Kentish Village - Military Odyssey 2012

Saturday 25th August, the beginning of the bank holiday weekend.  This was the day we decided to brave the weather and go to Military Odyssey at the county showground.

The view of the car park as we arrived, a bit wetter than we hoped but if you wait for good weather in England . . . .

Despite the rain there was still a queue at the gate, but as we had learnt from last year and arrived late it didn't take too long to get in.

We were a bit disappointed with the lack of traders as we had  money to burn.  The number of traders has been in decline for several years.  I do not think my favourite fabric stand was there (but I had got a lot of linen from him last year - so  much he gave me a free silk bag).  I did get a very interesting book called SWEET MEMORIES a selection of confections and their historys.

We made our way up to where the 10th Essex were camped (re-enactors of the Great War) to meet a friend.  This meant that we were used as guinea pigs to test this years experience.  Previous years they had re-constructed the trenches and field hospital and I would have been more that happy to walk through it again.  But this year they had built a mine under enemy lines.  If they wanted a good guinea pig they had one - scared of the dark and accident prone who better to take down a really dark tunnel.  I think it is important that we remember what our ancestors went through in the past to ensure the freedoms we enjoy today and little snippets of time and space like this bring it home.  We did the tunnel tour twice because we came back for the whole experience beginning with the royal flying corps.  The trip through the mine was as good the second time.  

 For me the other piece of outstanding living history is the small village.  For the last two visits a seaside village showing the hardships faced during WW2 has been created.  This year the village was inland and showed the farming communities that kept our country going. 

With a crashed plane in the field  and girls from the land army helping to get the harvest in. 

The detailing is perfect.

 The village square, police station, fire station, church, public house and various houses and shops - the work put in by this amazing group of people is fantastic.

It is also the best place to get a cup of tea.  Forget about the food stands this is the place to be.

All in the details


  1. We are the 10th Essex regiment not Wessex! Really glad you found the scenario engaging and provoking! We try to educate through tommy humour and our show and tell displays and are so fulfilled when people are positive as its a lot of hard work!!!

  2. Corrections made. So sorry about mistake. You have been one of the highlights of the show for several years now. Look forward to watching your next scenario. I will be the one hangng my head in shame.