Monday, 6 August 2012

Strange noises in the park

This morning, as on most mondays, my journey to work took me through Ellington Park.  This is the park where I spent many happy hours as a child and I have very fond memories of it even though it is not as well cared for as it used to be (spending cuts have to happen somewhere).

shoots bitten or pulled off the trees by squirrels
I often see some of the squirrels that have made the park their home which I enjoy even though they are grey squirrels.  In fact I can feel quite cross if dogs have chased all the squirrels up the trees and they are hard to spot.  I am very well aware of the damage these grey squirrels do and that because they were ripped from their homeland our native squirrels have suffered.  I took several pictures of the damage they were doing to the horse chestnut trees earlier this year.

Anyway as I entered the park this morning I couldn't see any dogs being walked  but I couldn't see any squirrels either.  Quite a few different species of bird around though - thrushes, blackbirds, etc.  Then I heard a really strange call I looked up and searched the trees to see if I could find the bird that made it and saw a squirrel.  I watched for a few moments and it was definitely the squirrel making the noise. There was a second squirrel in a tree nearby and to begin with I thought it was Territorial but as I walked towards the second tree I disturbed the large cat (domestic) that was lurking there.  That explained all the fussing, dogs a bit of a pain but when the squirrel has made to and up a tree it is safe. Cats are a different matter.


  1. Ellington Park is not the true name for the park, though even in my day, when I live at No 55 Ellington Road with my parents and grandmother, it was becoming the common name for it. Phoenix Park is it's true name, though I would think that you would be hard pressed to find any reference to that name now. However whenever there was a significant event taking place there it was always billed as Phoenix Park. Just an old bit of useless information, as usual.

    1. Apparently I am incorrect with my little bit of useless knowledge. It turned out to be more useless than expected, in fact totally wrong. Ellington Park is called so after Ellington House which was originally on the site. The only thing left of the grand old house is the Lodge which was used to house the Park Keeper and his family. Sorry Katy.