Saturday, 8 June 2013

A WALK ALONG THE SHORE - Westgate at low tide

  The beautiful weather on the Sunday evening of the recent bank holiday weekend lead to an impulsive evening walk along the beach at Westgate-on-Sea.
Luck was with us because when we reached the beach the tide was out leaving long stretches of sand and seaweed covered rocks.  The first thing we noticed was the number of Razor shells.
a little crab tries to scurry away
The rockpools reminded me of long days spent on Ramsgate beach as a child and the fun we had searching for life in them. I felt like that child again as we scrambled over the rocks.
 I was very pleased to find this little chap under a stone in one of the pools.  He was put straight back after this short photo shoot.

A little further along the beach we came across this jellyfish in another pool.  There were also several shrimps - but they are quite hard to take pictures of.
so many different seaweeds

 Ripples in the sand and barnacle covered rocks.

 Many, many shells and several different varieties nestling amongst the flints.  And a Herring Gull stands at the edge of a pool.

oyster, razor and common piddock shells

Bits of driftwood, seaglass and shells make up my Treasure for the evening. 

Lots of different shells and seaweeds together with plenty of life in the rockpools can only mean a clean healthy coast.  And eight Thanet beaches received BLUE FLAG status this year. 

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