Sunday, 2 June 2013


a little fuzzy but shows imitation jap being laid for the body

  I have just completed the last few stitches of my goldwork project and just in time as my Sister and I want to learn Stumpwork together. 
Couching imitation jap to outline the wings in a similar fashion to the larger dragonfly - but this time there isn't any paper underneath.

I styled the smaller dragonfly  little differently to try and give depth and distance.

In preparation for the anticipated stumpwork a little bit of needle weaving for the wings

 Imitation jap for the abdomen and wing outlines - couched.  Smooth purl cutwork for the thorax and a black bead for the head.  

Blue needle weaving gives a similar effect to the wings of the smaller dragonfly as the couched imitation jap used on the larger one. 
 So now the work is finished- yes it has been time consuming but so enjoyable that I have often been surprised to see just how much time has past.  It is not the cheapest form of embroidery but it is so very very beautiful and I can hardly wait to start another project.  The things I know for certain are that I must buy a proper pair of goldwork scissors using cutters as I did does damage the purl and twist etc.  The term cutwork confused me to begin with as I associated it with WHITEWORK and here it means something completelydifferent. Rough hands catch on the threads (not 100% sure I can always solve that problem).  I wouldn't have been so sure I could do this without the excellent books from SEARCH PRESS.  

 All there is left to do is to display my work so I will get the maximum enjoyment from it. 

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