Monday, 21 April 2014

Altered photo/picture frames

I really like jazzing up a plain photo frame.  I have made some as gifts, a HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS one for my Niece and a LOVE one as an engagement present.  Both of these were small complete pieces with no need or room for photos.  
With some help from my partner I made a larger frame as a wedding present.  

Starting with a blank white background I stamped, embossed, and coloured a base design.

After the mount board was finished the frame was re-assembled.  The wedding bouquet was red roses,ivy and chilli's so the decoration on the frame had a similar theme.

One section has the wedding day message, I used a square aperture for this so there could be options when hanging.

 The wooden frame was left plain but the rest has swirls and swags of ivy, chilli's and roses.  Lots and lots of roses - in different sizes and white and red shades.
Very pleased with the final result

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