Tuesday, 22 April 2014

OVER THE WALL - the beautiful English countryside

I recently saw some wall sections made by a new UK based firm. http://www.debrisofwar.com/ Although they were created for wargaming scenery I thought that there could be other uses. 

I have many many photos of the Kentish country side and my
idea was to decorate a deep frame, choose a picture and put one of the wall sections made by DEBRIS OF WAR in front. I decided on a 28mm broken wall section because I felt that would create the 'feel' I was looking for and that was the easy part. 

 I got my partner to paint the wall section as we are planning on giving this frame as a gift, he did a beautiful job adding some flock and static grass to finish the piece.


With the wall section ready I picked the papers I wanted to
use to decoupage the frame.  These were from some early Joanna Sheen paper packs, no longer available but any paper that suits the photo will work.  http://www.joannasheen.com/
Using PVA I stuck torn-up pieces of paper to the frame.  I made sure the inside edge of the frame didn't have many layers of paper so the wall section would fit back in when everything was finished.
The hardest part was to choose the photo.
I had originally thought of looking over the wall into a bluebell wood, but the poppies on the wall section meant I needed to find a picture from later in the year.  I narrowed it down to four pictures and we decided to give the extra pictures with the frame so that they can be swapped if desired.  The photos are of Bedgebury Pinetum http://www.forestry.gov.uk/forestry/infd-8yfe54 and of Mount Ephriam Gardens http://www.mountephraimgardens.co.uk/gardens/edwardian.aspx
Mount Ephriam

Bedgebury Pinetum

 While the glue was drying I cleaned the glass so that everything was ready to reassemble.  A little bit of tweaking to the wall section and the photo frame is ready to go.
 Still trying to decide which photo ......


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