Monday, 26 May 2014

BAGS with a dark side

I HAVE BEEN MAKING BAGS - for my shop  The first ones that I listed were inspired by some of the stunning tattoos that I have seen lately.

My latest bag has a victoriana/Gothic feel to it I walked through the churchyard I used to play in as a child and there had been a lot of work done to tidy the graveyard.  Sadly there were a lot of damaged graves, some of which had small trees growing out of them and some that had been broken.  I took quite a few photos as I walked round.  
I used some of these photos for the design of this bag. 

Altering the pictures I gave them an eerie feel, and a macabre quote intensified this.  FROM THIS SLUMBER THOU SHALT WAKE  The top of the bag with its ruffles and frills evokes an image of the bustles and picture hats of the late Victorian and Edwardian eras.  
I love this bag even though it felt as though it was fighting me each step of its creation.

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