Sunday, 11 May 2014

Things that get done when the internet is unavailable

A few weeks ago my computer died, this meant that I was unable to spend time online.  Crafting with my computer was also not an option.  All was not lost though, there were part finished projects to complete, a knitting frame for making socks to learn how to use, and some cards to be made.  

  A card for a diamond wedding anniversary Looking through my stash I found these beautiful foiled roses.  I had a lot of fun making this card, putting mini diamonds on each of the dragonflies inside the card.

I knitted this little cover gift from a magazine.  I changed the pattern slightly and put some loops of wool across the sheep's head.

 I finished two more bags for my Etsy shop

I helped with a rather urgent fish tank change over. Very time consuming but satisfying.  Several dramas involved (teaser alert).

I have some time learning to use a knitting loom for making socks.  Think I have the hang of it now and understand the instructions for turning the heel.

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