Saturday, 11 April 2015

Ellington Park Wildlife Pond

Today is the opening of the WILDLIFE GARDEN in Ellington Park, Ramsgate.  I have been watching the hard work of the FRIENDS OF ELLINGTON PARK for quite a while.  The area has been fenced off while the pond has been marked out, dug, lined, filled and planted.  Logs have been placed around the sides of the pond to provide homes for some of the creatures.

 Several dogs are patrolling the garden.
 Along the path information boards are placed.  The gates are locked as I walk through the park early in the morning. Sensible as there has been some vandalism.
 friends of ellington park 
the FRIENDS OF ELLINGTON PARK are doing so much to make the park an exciting place to go. 

 I will have to make a visit later in the day to get a closer look at everything.

Plenty of seats of all types to relax on and enjoy the garden.
 The story tellers seat. 
 A guardian for the garden?

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