Tuesday, 14 April 2015

STUMPWORK, a new addiction

After a longer than anticipated wait I am finally teaching myself STUMPWORK EMBROIDERY. 

 Armed with the RSN stumpwork essential stitch guide by Kate Sinton I am now roughly half way through my first piece of embroidery.
I love these RSN guide books because they are so easy to use.
 My way of achieving my design is a little different as it mostly consists of looking at the stitches in the book and picking the ones that appeal.
 I started my design by drawing two lines and stem stitched them, then satin stitched a couple of leaves.

 The blue bell flowers were stitched in single brussels stitch and the larger flower is turkey rug stitch

 Each stitch is so enjoyable, even if some take a little time to master.
 I used single brussels stitch for long leaves, attaching some to the fabric and stitching some of them detached so they began to form the three dimension effect I wanted.

A mix of straight stitch, satin stitch, stem and outline stitch to create the earth and grass.

The photo below shows a side view highlighting the three dimension leaves.


Detail of woven picots and detached woven picots being stitched.
 Next step is to embroider completely detached pieces to sew on to complete the work. At the moment I am undecided and have to choose a butterfly or dragonfly to sew

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