Sunday, 16 October 2011

Fantastic sunday afternoon

outgoing tide

looking back towards Ramsgate
sea finished beauty

Just spent a wonderful afternoon with my talented sister collecting sea glass from a little bit of seashore by the derelict hoverport at Pegwell Kent.  My sister who has been making jewellery from the sea glass has agreed to join me at my (now our) Etsy store.  I was suprised how much we managed to get in quite a short space of time.                                                                   Then while sorting it into different sized pieces we got ideas some jewellery.  These bits were packed away separately.

We also found some interesting pebbles which will be useful for different projects.


  1. You've got some beautiful colours there.....Saw your blog on the Crafts Forum :) xx

  2. Lovely sea glass. Never knew what to do with it before now, jewellery sounds a great idea. Not that I do jewellery lol.

  3. I adore sea glass. I made myself a bracelet with some, but I cheated and bought pre-drilled.