Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Feeling better and ready to craft

Just after my trip to Pegwell Bay with my sister the cold that had been lurking in the background decided to take over - and how.  I dont remember ever being so ill with a cold, I even had time off work - something I very rarely do.  I didnt eat and all I really did was sleep. But that is done now. I still have a few snuffles but pretty much I feel better.  So back to living.

I made a start over the weekend on the recipe books for my Niece and Nephew, and I have a photo bag two thirds done for a friend who liked mine and wanted one of their own.  I also have a bag half made to go onto my Etsy shop - this one has a picture of my parteners Mercury cougar ( a most beautiful car).  I have so many ideas tumbling over themselves in my head and only so many hours in the day to do anything about it.  The little bit of daylight that we currently have after coming home from work was spent cutting wood for the stove.  My partener has found a custom staircase builder near to where he works and has permission to take wood from their skip.  Great news as fuel prices go up and up - the free wood to burn will help kill the bills down.

I have wasted some happy time on PINTREST this evening looking at lovely food and following the links to the blogs and sites where the recipes are listed.  I am really looking forward to trying them out. There is the added bonus of other recipes on the blogs. Cant wait.



  1. I know that feeling only too well about the limited hours in the day. I am thinking about investing in a cloning machine, so I can get the clones to do the boring stuff like cooking, cleaning and general stuff, leaving me free to craft and create :).....any takers??? LOL

  2. I do love to bake, recently I decided I was to tired to cook dinner so we had something from the freezer then I cooked an apple pie to calm myself down and relax.