Friday, 9 December 2011

Christmas deadlines - part two

And time creeps steadily on.......except as usual at this time of year its forgotten about creeping and is going by express!
I have got the bag I had to make for a friend done and given to her so that is one more item to cross off the list.  And several things that were near to completion I have finished now so they can also have a big tick next to them.
Including the Christmas fragrance sachets I was making for my mother to give to friends.  I made the pot pourri by mixing a cinnamon stick, some cloves and the dried peel of an orange together.  It is lovely - smells like Christmas. I have the Joanna Sheen THOMAS KINKADE cd set.  It has such lovely pictures and backing papers, but that is true of all her cd's there is usually at least one on my Christmas list.

The coasters for my niece's boyfriend are also finished although after this last week he may not want to be reminded of the football team he supports.

I have also made a start writting Christmas cards so I know how many more I need.
The Christmas decorations went up today so there is a festive feel all round the house.

                                                                                         Just found the link to this on Pinterest.  When I am not snowed under with Christmas make I will have to have a go.  Whats not to like about dragons.

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