Saturday, 17 December 2011

Getting closer to being ready

As we are spending Christmas just us two (and Bruce) you would think the preparations would be easier - not the case.  We only decided what we would like for dinner on Christmas day today, we have two puddings because we both fancied different ones (next year I am going to make my grandmothers recipe it will be easier) and there is still all the homemade presents to make (as usual).

bacon puffs
sausage rolls
mix for spicy pork rolls
All my pastry savouries are now made and in the freezer, the christmas cakes have the marizpan on them and are to be iced tonight, I got some emergency sausage meat today just in case we run out, the chilli jelly is straining as I write as is the cranberry sauce, only a few more cards to make and write ( all the ones that needed posting are done) I still have to finish my neices bag and the lavendar sachets for my mother, and when thats all done I can get the sweets made but they are really a last minute thing to do.

spicy pork rolls ready to bake

I want to get the mince pies made and in the freezer.  I find it so much easier if everything is prepared and frozen ready to bake.  I  still really want to do the gingerbread thing, not sure how long it keeps though.

All the presents that I have brought need to be wrapped but there is still a week to go. All I need to do to be ready is to keep off PINTEREST.

Our spend the day alone Christmas has turned into a three day event - visiting my sister on Christmas eve and his sister on Boxing day.  I am looking foward to it.  And I am really looking forward to the present I know that I am getting SERIF CRAFT ARTIST  I have the compact version but cannot wait to get my mitts on the complete package.  Who knows it may make me a bit more organised with my cardmaking. 

I love making Christmas goodies, cards, presents etc and I think the people receiving them are happy to have them.  Pretty much I just love everything about Christmas - getting/making presents, wrapping presents, catching up with friends, entertaining, the spirit of Christmas, decorating the tree, EVERYTHING!  The only thing thats a little sad is that Dad no longer wants to go on the morris tour on Boxing day, I shall miss that.


  1. sorry I should have put how to make the bacon puffs onto the blog.
    Roll out a sheet of puff pastry (or buy the ready rolled stuff) Cut into squares of about two inches lay stripes of bacon diagonally across the pastry Brush over a little beaten egg Fold the corners over Brush with a little more egg Sprinkle on a little grated cheese. Bake for about 12 to 15 minutes at gas reg 5/180 degrees centigrade.

  2. Sounds like you will have a wonderful Christmas!