Saturday, 31 December 2011

End of year review

one of my two new ornaments for this year
This year (not quite sure how) I got all I wanted done in time for Christmas eve with less stress than previous years.  I still need to be much much better organised, so I may start making next years cards as soon as I can - that was last years plan as well. I even got some peanut brittle made on evenig of the 23rd. Did not manage to find my christmas music.

next year better decoration
All the baked and  handcrafted presents were received well.  I made my gingerbread sleigh on christmas day and kind of decorated it a couple of days later. I changed the recipe that I found slightly - partly because I didn't have any ground cloves and partly because I thought the gingerbread would taste better without it.

I got given a copy of SERIF CRAFT ARTIST  for christmas, I had the compact version which was quite good but this is so much better.  It came with a manual that I am working my way through, a nice thick detailed easy to use manual.  I will be able to do so much more than I ever dreamed of.  It may sound a bit odd raving about an instruction manual above all other things but eighteen months ago my partener brought me a CRAFT ROBO (which has since changed its name) which came with information on how to turn it on and change the blades.  I had to join a forum and wait for a month before I could access their site properly before begining to get to grips with it.  Second plan - use craft robo more often and learn more about it.
 Bruce opening his present.

I really hope that everyone enjoyed their Christmas and New year as much as I did and that we all have a good 2012.

it is just tooooo much


  1. Happy New Year

    I love the photos of your kitty at Christmas - I know how he feels in the last photo!

    We bought our cats a Kickeroo toy (really should have got them one each!!) which is a velvet plush 'pillow' filled with catnip - need I say more?? One cat has adopted it and takes it to bed with her at night - it is adorable!!

    Oh we do spoil our fur-babies!!

    Ali x

  2. We only spoil them because they deserve it. I am glad your cats had a good christmas and hope you did as well. Bruce helped us use up the cold meat til it was gone.