Saturday, 6 October 2012


A trip to Deal (on the Kent coast) was needed today.  This meant a glorious fish and chip lunch at the chip shop in Middle Street (ranked very high in the top ten chip shops in the country), a very pleasant stroll around Deal in the sunshine and a quick walk along the sea front.

 I finally got the very small frying pan I have been wanting - Just the right size for one fried egg.

Then it was over to Broadstairs for this years food festival.

Perhaps given the wonderful collection of goodies on offer going when full of fish and chips  was not the best idea .  We did get some Autumn Berry Curd and some Medlar Jelly.  I made some medlar jelly a few years ago having found some medlars in one of the local farm shops and it is delicious.  We could have brought some lemon curd as well but I decided that I would make some.
 The Kentish Pip Cider stand had some pear juice - suprisingly hard to get hold of, and a range of different ciders including a ginger one. 
In fact there were a lot of different ciders on offer.  
The thing that stood out (to us) the most was a cake with Wile E Coyote about to push a boulder onto Roadrunner.  This was created by a business based in Sandwich. 
We also got to go to a Vintage Clothes Sale that friends were having in broadstairs.  This why we had to go today instead of tomorrow 7-10-2012
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