Sunday, 3 February 2013


I recently found a bag of fancy yarn that had been 'put away safe' until it was wanted and as I was having a knitting phase, thanks to to wonderful OWL mug warmer and fingerless gloves in MOLLIE MAKES, I started knitting.

I made several pairs of mitts and then made a pair with a matching collar.   The asymmetric design needed a button to complete it 

  Finding the right button was hard and the search triggered a slight button obsession and the buying of a couple of bulk bags of assorted buttons at Hobbycraft.

Sorting through the buttons took me back to childhood and the pure joy of 'playing' with Mum's button box.   A treat usually saved for when we were unwell.
tiny tiny buttons

I found buttons that had come as cover gifts.

The packs sold for scrapbooking and cardmaking.

 Some needle felt brooches that I decorated with buttons and beads.
from when I was making most of my clothes

The beautiful Fimo buttons that my Dad brought me over twenty five years agoStill unused because I love them so much.

Buttons are big - there are even card buttons.  Not quite sure why.

 I re-discovered these belt buckles in my button box.  I have no idea how old they are.  I brought them in a little shop in King Street, Ramsgate in the early to mid-eighties.  I used to buy mother-of-pearl buttons and cut work collars from there as well. 

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