Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Making my own bias tape

Craft shops are a must on any shopping trip and I found this little gadget for making bias binding (bias tape) just after Christmas.  I had not realised I 'needed' to make bias binding until I saw these.  I brought the 3/4 inch one because it would be the most useful size.

 It is very simple - the fabric is cut into strips 'on the bias', is then threaded through and ironed flat.  It takes very little time to make, although it is a bit fiddlyLots and lots of co-ordinating bias binding ready to be used for my next project.

  Having started to make my own bias binding I wanted to be able to make other widths.  While I was looking I saw this - a Simplicity electric tape maker.

 A nice compact unit that will be easy to store.

Very simple to set up and use.


Just cut the fabric into the right size stripes.  Join together.  Thread into the machine.  And press a button.

A little help needed to go over seams but so simple. 

No need to iron the fabric, wind the cut fabric onto the roller, press the start button and away it goes.  A nice pile of bias binding ready to use.


  1. That is such a useful little machine! I hate sewing on bias binding though, maybe a machine that would do that without my input....

  2. Button holes have always been my bugbear - I hate doing them but end up making things with rows of them (sigh). I just love the idea of co-ordinating bias binding.