Saturday, 16 March 2013

Creative writting for online sales

SO I HAVE MADE some unique and original items, opened several on-line shops, read the magazines and on-line selling guides, studied the market and tried my best - but here is the bottom line.  This on-line selling game is not as easy as it is made out to be.

I truly believe in the products that I have been making, Most of them I would like to keep for my very own.  I am certain that I am not alone in my desire not to be a department store clone and that my products have a widespread appeal.  Items that I have worn to work have received very positive feedback.  

I feel that my problems may stem from the overwhelming shyness that has been the bane of my life from childhood which is now manifesting as the reluctance to 'blow my own trumpet' I realise how lame this sounds - for example I know I should try doing a Craft Fair, I have enough stock, but the thought convincing strangers to buy my products fills me with dread. 

So, here I am using the Internet as a sales medium and this is my problem - how to write awe inspiring descriptions to ensure people part with their hard earned cash (just so I can have the joy of creating more beautiful things).  As I have said I read the sellers guides, I have even purchased one.  An excellent ebook whose author took the time to look at my listings and give advice.  I am in the process of restocking my FOLKSY shop and then I will begin work to stock ETSY

I am currently re-writting product discriptions, this time with more tags and better descriptions, in the hope this time I will achieve success.   There are a lot of crafts I still NEED to experience.  

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