Sunday, 17 March 2013


SEWING IS MY FIRST LOVE from the beginning of my crafting life,the toys, through the weird and (I think) wonderful dressmaking explosion of my twenties, the you can sew come and join our re-enactment group to now when I am just seeing where my imagination takes me hoping that people will like my creations and buy them.

My hand made creations and their inspiration - sometimes I get the smallest thought pop into my brain and that starts a whirlwind of forgotten housework and stitching,  my recent purchase of a bias tape maker has lead to these cute little potholders, an old picture of a collection of little felt dolls is reponsible for the burlesque keyrings that I am enjoying the creation of, and a piece of beautiful fabric found while buying some nets for my mother has triggered the desire to make aprons for children.
not the best or clearest picture but it is old
This small photo shows a small part of the collection of mini dolls I made years ago. A mix of bears, hula dancers and frothy skirts. I made a huge pile of bodies first and then had a wonderful time dressing them.

The new generation of mini dolls two finished burlesque dancers and one ready for costume and make-up.


A stunning little dancer ready to start her routine

A new idea taking shape - my sketch before making the pattern and begining work.  My task for today.  There are quite a few different voodoo pin cushion styles

Sewn up, stuffed and ready to give life to.

http://pinterest./pin/55521007878201545/     This is my take on a current trend - I quite like the idea of voodoo pincushions.

Although these ones seem to have a zombie feel to them.
 Catfish laying on the material I will be using for the next 'catch'.

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