Tuesday, 19 March 2013


With the first day of spring only two days away we went in search of signs it might be on it's way.  The winter has felt so long and although I have enjoyed curling up in front of the log burner now I am eagerly waiting for the warmer days to arrive.

We went to Fowlmead, a country park created on the site of Betteshanger Colliery, it has been a while since we were there last and we wanted to see if the plants and wildlife had developed further.  To be honest unless you wish to cycle around it midweek is, the best time to visit as it is promoted as the perfect place for family cyclinghttp://www.kentrigs.org.uk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=24&Itemid=21

This play area for children is new and includes a zipline and all kinds of slides, slopes and climbing equipment.

 The first of the ponds still has a green tinge to the water and apart from the reed bed around the edge no visable plants or waterbirds.  Just beyond the parks boundries there is marshland and ducks, lots of ducks.

The first flowers we saw.  I don't think they are true primroses.

Looking across dykes and farmland in the direction of the sea.

 A fallen log becomes a thing of beauty and decay.  And the last pond we came to is the only one which shows sign of supporting life.  The highest pond on site which claims to have great creasted newts always has a very bleak look to it.

Pines and conifers on the shale - not as much sign of squirrel activity on this visit.

Promising location for lizzards and other wildlife.

            SWELLING BUDS

 We were near the end of our walk before we found the violets.

Blue skies looking to the east.

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