Sunday, 8 June 2014

Sock Loom and how I coped

I love all the types of weaving that I have tried.  Some I have taken to like a duck to water, some I have struggled with.  These latter types have been some of the newer looms. 

In my early teens I collected the GOLDEN HANDS ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CRAFTS and tried many of the techniques. I tried Kumihimo after buying a book by Jacqui Carey and although I had to make my own loom I managed very well.  Inkle weaving, tablet weaving - if I see a different type of weaving I like to try it. 
So when I saw the sock looms at Christmas I thought I would give it a try.  Easy I thought, take it everywhere.  I struggled, from the beginning .... I am not certain if this was just my own stupidity or if the instructions were not very clear.  It took me about ten goes to stop dropping stitches and tangling the yarn, and then a similar problem turning the heel.  I think I spent more time unravelling my work than I did weaving.  But once I got the hang of it it became easier and it is a very portable form of weaving.  Now the problem is stopping, the temptation is to do just one more round.  
I am still not convinced this is something that will get much use.  I think that it could be rather limited in what can be done. 
Basicly it works in a similar way to french knitting.

Winding the yarn round the wire loops and then slidding the previous stich over forming a knitted tube.
It is very mobile (but then so is conventional knitting) as these pictures in the car show.  My main concern is the tool used to make the stitches seems very flimsey and bends easily.  I would be unsuprised if the tool snapped. 

 Having said that I have just purchased some lovely yarn to make a proper pair of socks - my trial run with one ball of yarn won't be enough for the correct  foot length although its close. Although I will have a pair of part socks.

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