Sunday, 29 June 2014


The second meeting of our new sewing club went well, even though there was a little less sewing this time.  My niece wanted to make a special card for her friend and I had to make a card as well. 
The navy polka dot dress is coming on nicely - it is ready for the skirt to be attached to the bodice so the fit can be checked. A very careful check was made to ensure that the right sides of the fabric were matched, the difference is very slight but get it wrong and it would show.

My dress (from the eighties judging from the size) that we are making over for my niece is also ready to be fitted. I pinned the skirt back onto the bodice with mini safety pins so no one gets jabbed.  It has been very hard to part with this dress but my niece has promised to wear it and to give it back.
My sister carried on with a lovely waistcoat she is making for her husband.  It is now turned right side out and pressed.
This sewing club has been very good for me - instead of spending far to much time on Pinterest (and other sites) I have been being creative.  
This week I have been finishing a bag to go onto my Etsy shop               
Last night because the cat needed to sit on me I did some sketching.  This is a talent I didn't know I had and need to practise.  It is a great joy to be able to draw and paint especially as for most of my life I did not believe I could.

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