Sunday, 15 June 2014


A few weeks ago my niece asked if I had any cross stitch books that she could borrow as she didn't like many of the designs she had found in the magazines. I mentioned that my sister and I were planning to learn stump work embroidery and this lead (of course) to our own little sewing club.  Four of us met at my house on the seventh of June and did a lot of talking and a little sewing.  I have never sewed in a group like this and it was a lot of fun.  
It was a bit of a mixture - my niece worked on a piece of applique she is making for a friend. My sister unpicked the bodice of a dress we are making over for my niece and I helped my nieces friend with her first piece of machine sewing, a hair tie to match the dress she will be making in the next few weeks.
I had quite a few plans for what I would do and although I didn't get any of them done I was inspired to carry on after everyone had gone home. 
To begin with I mended my favourite Tee shirt - ok its about ten years old and I could get a new one but I love it so. 

I mended a tear near the hem of a very full skirt and then embroidered lazy daisy stitch and french knots over the mend. I am not that fond of mending so feel quite pleased I got it done.

I also finished lenghtening the pockets in my parteners new jeans so there is room for his phone.  The original pockets were very shallow.  Finally I traced a blouse pattern from the BURDA magazine for me to make.

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