Monday, 25 August 2014

A good look in the cold light of day

Saturday was the first day of military odyssey for this year.  I really like this show because as it covers a large period of history it meant that there was (as always) a nice variety of items on sale.

The first thing a saw as we arrived was a beautiful old parasol, been a bit taken with parasols for a while and this one brings my total up to three.  

I got a Christmas present for my niece, a brooch for myself and then it was time to buy fabric ....... lots of fabric. 

Looking at the pile in the cold light of day this morning part of me felt I had got carried away - OVER FORTY METRES OF FABRIC!!!  Not all of it was for me so another part wished I had brought more.  I had sent some pictures to my sister for her to make decisions on and some I just brought to see if she would like it.

 Here is the thing, this show at Detling is once a year, the fabric I got was only £2.00 a metre.  We have a very good fabric shop in Ramsgate and the prices there are good - but not £2.00 a metre good.
This I got to see if my sister would like it to go with her 10 metres of  embroidered cotton and 5 metres of natural lightweight linen.

Left to right :- 7 metres of a heavy brushed cotton type fabric (I was thinking of sharing this); 2.5 metres of white spots which will become a skirt; 5 metres of green & 5 metres of lightweight floral to make fifties style full skirted dresses; 2 metres white cotton for a blouse and finally 3 metres of stripe for hippy trousers and maybe a skirt.

£35.00 for five items of clothing decided on plus the decision needed for the blue.

These three remnant pieces I got with my sister in mind for £1.00.  If she decides not to have them I am sure I can find a use for them.

So lots of sewing to keep me going, especially if saturdays haul is added to the fabric I already have.

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