Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Idle musings

Not really quite sure what I have been doing over the last week.  A little of this and a little of that without very much to show for it.  The levels of stuff on the dinning table (my workspace) have been lowered and homes found for most of it.  

the bank outside my house
Some gardening has been done.  I thought the dahlias on the bank outside my house were dead so brought some new ones (the plants are only half hardy and there has been quite a bit of snow the last couple of years). But a couple of days after planting the new plants and putting slug pellets around them I discovered shoots on the old plants.  So not dead just munched every time they showed any sign of growth.  

still a little work to be done but quite pleased so far
The general yukness of the weather has not really been helping at all this year.  We have had to move a couple of the marginal plants higher than originally planted because they were struggling with the water levels, we had to bale the pond out at least twice and all this happened through the draught (and hosepipe ban).  There are bright spots though, yesterday I saw the first bud on the runner beans, the spotted orchid I got at the garden show is beginning to flower and yes the rain has been a pain but at least watering with watering cans twice a day hasn't been necessary. 

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