Sunday, 3 June 2012


looking to the west and Folkstone
would I ever get to the woodland at the bottom of the cliff.  There have been several attempts this year.  The first time I was left at the top while my partner went down to the wood. He took some lovely pictures of the ferns that filled the woods.  The next time we tried to get to the woods from the bottom.  It was quite a long walk from the road to the path leading to the woods and when we got there we discovered that there was a climb up to the woods.  This was another time when my fear of heights was stronger than my desire to get to the woods and we failed again to reach them.  On that occasion we walked along the beach and found seaglass, lots and lots of beautiful seaglass.   

the path from the cliff top

Then came the May Day bank holiday weekend and my plan was to get as many people as I could together and try again to get to the woods.  

This time the weather was against me, and after a week of very heavy rain a climb either up or down steep cliffs was not practical.  We did go to some woods that weekend but they were inland not coastal.

So nearly halfway through the year and I was beginning to get desperate,

on our way back

Then one sunday we made one more attempt with some good friends we arrived at the carpark of the Warren.

We took the long walk to the steps at the bottom of the cliff.  This time I had to control my fears because of our friends four year old son.  I was determined not to risk passing my fear of heights to him.  

So I was lead up the uneven steps by my young guide,  In some ways it was like having my very own (much nicer) version of Gollum.

the railway bridge

'There's a long way to go still' he kept telling me with every bend and twist of the path.  

We climbed upwards until we reached the railway line and followed it until we got to the railway bridge.  Here I got out my (prepared earlier) sign thinking that was it I had made it.

It was only when we crossed the bridge we realised that the climb was not over.

While the path closer to the sea was mostly steps the path over the bridge was a narrow dirt path with a fairly steep drop to the railway line.

In the woods looking out to sea

looking for snakes

After more climbing we finally made it to the woods.  I had really made it.  We walked through the woods for a while we tried to decide which way to go - back down the way we had came or up the cliff to the cafe at Capel-le-Ferne. 

walking down to the sea

looking down from the top of the cliff

looking down at the path by the railway bridge

A one stage I was wondering how practical it would be to make my home in the woods.  Having got there I was not sure if I could get back out again.

But as I tried to get back down before my nerve went I rushed ahead of everyone else.

By the time we got to the last part of the climb back down I was feeling quite confident.

So now I am looking forward to my next visit even though I have been told we should walk down from the top.

The tide was in so there wasn't any chance of looking for fossils or more seaglass, but there will always be another day. 

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