Sunday, 24 June 2012


For my niece's birthday I thought that I would make her one of those sack type bags.  They looked fairly simple to design and sew . . . . or so I thought to begin with.

Having drawn a pattern on a sheet of greaseproof paper I felt that it would it would be best to cut out the sides of the bag in two halves and sew them together. 

She is playing in a Roller Derby team so I decided to decorated the bag with embroidery - a roller skate and her Roller Derby name.

I enjoyed doing the embroidery and got the effect I wanted, eyelets for the bootlace were a little harder to get right and I had a little bit of trouble getting the lace through the fabric.

 The handle gave me the most trouble - because the lining of the bag continues all the way up them.  The zip I used may have been a little long.  It can stick at the ends where the bag curves.

Overall I am very happy with how the bag has turned out, the bits I struggled with really were just the teething problems you would expect with a first time design.  

I am looking forward to making one of these for myself as I like the style.


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