Saturday, 15 September 2012


ON SATURDAY 22ND SEPTEMBER I AM GOING TO TRY A NEW VENTURE.  I am going to rent a shelf at ROUGH TRADERS, this is in Margate Old Town and is one of the shops that has sprung up.  It is possible to rent space to display and sell your goods - from a shelf upwards.! 

I have just paid for four weeks worth of shelf.  Now I need to make sure I have enough stock,  make a couple of display stands and get labels made for my goods.  And write a list of the items I am taking to sell.  I showed a sample to the very nice lady who runs the collective.  

I have not been to that part of Margate for some time.  With the rest of Margate getting such a bad press locally and nationally it is good to see even a little corner of the town emerging from the ashes.  Only a few years ago this part of the town was as neglected as the rest of the town but now it is a bustling place with hidden gems around every corner  and just a stones throw from the Turner Contemporary.  

Lots of beautiful Retro and Vintage clothes shops, Galleries and cafes.   Something for everyone. Rough Trade is a little further out than some of the other shops but worth looking for.  Here are a couple of links to a listing of the shops and a small map to help find this little piece of proof that Margate is not beaten yet and will bounce back to become the town it used to be not so many years ago. 


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