Thursday, 13 September 2012


JUST OVER a month ago I decided to try an experiment. 

 I have had an ETSY shop for some time now without much sucess, I think this is partly due to the vastness of ETSY and partly because I have not had as much time as needed to raise my ETSY profile.   

After reading an article in CRAFT SELLER magazine 
 I decided to open a store with CREATIVE STORES

So this was my experiment - which would be best for me.   I listed the same item on both sites, at the same time.  Now after a month On ETSY  I have had seven views and on creative stores over one hundred and eighty.  I know that it is early days and I am not going to give up my ETSY shop. 

But I think I am going to devote more time to the very helpful, friendly CREATIVE STORES 
It is easy to use as a seller and easy to find stores and products as a customer.  It is also UK based which is good.

And the piece I used for my trial -  That was a piece of needle feltingA bag charm in the form of a pair of cherries with leaves - the kind that children hang over their ears. 

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