Thursday, 20 September 2012

MY PLACE ON THE SHELF - at a collaborative trading place

After signing up for a shelf in ROUGH TRADE  in Margate Old Town.!  I have spent a few days writing descriptions for labels for my stock. This has been both more fun and harder work than I had imagined.  I have decided to do largish product labels with smaller removable labels for the prices.

I am using a shelf in the dinning room to get a rough idea of a layout.  This also means I should know if I need anything to display the items I want to sell.   The display has already changed several times but I think I have a prospective layout. Six days before I go to Margate so things could change a lot before then.

I feel that this could be better than a virtual shop because sometimes being able to see items is more enticing, although the audience is smaller.  Hopefully using both methods will get me noticed.

I found some inners from the cigar boxes I have been making into handbags that should work perfectly as display trays.  

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