Sunday, 2 September 2012


THIS is a small tin that I recently found at a local market.  There wasn't a handle but I could see potential.

As it is quite small it needed to be kept fairly simple.  It is also in very good condition so I wanted to keep it as original  as possible.
 The first thing to do was attach the handle.  
I did this by threading the ribbon through the two holes and taking the ribbon around the outside of the tin (to get my spacing right) before pushing the ribbon through some plastic tubing to form the handle. I  used some double sided tape to keep the organza ribbon in place.

  THE inside of the tin I lined with pink leopard print felt.  This looks lovely and covers the ribbon that showed inside the tin giving a nice clean finish.

 With the inside of the purse finished it 's time to decorate the outside.  For this I found some fabric flowers the same colour as the flowers on the tin.  I sewed the flowers onto the organza ribbon and gave them french knot ribbon centres.  
I also attached a tiny butterfly charm to a string of beads to hang on one side. 

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