Thursday, 18 September 2014

ELLINGTON PARK - wood sculptures

  A few month ago when walking through Ellington Park in Ramsgate I saw this beautiful woodcarving.  I am very glad that it hasn't been vandalised and I admire it every time I walk through the park. For a while I didn't know who the sculptor was but a friend found the story in the local paper and from that I found Andrew Stevens website.

 Last Friday some more carvings had just been finished - two owls and a squirrel.  Another tree stump near the main entrance to the park was used for these.  I walked all around them to see every detail.

By Monday morning the wood had been burnt (in a similar way to the soldier) which brings a greater depth to the sculptures.

  To the right of the park as you come in the main entrance a toadstool has been carved.  I was thrilled when I looked closely to find a flight of steps and a fairy door at the top of them.  
The work that THE FRIENDS OF ELLINGTON PARK are doing is fantastic.  They are working so hard to make this park a pleasant place to be. 

The big question now is .....
what is this going to be. 

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