Thursday, 11 September 2014

A froth of froufrou

To give the right finish to a dress I made recently I made myself a (very quickly run up and so not perfect) frou frou petticoat.  The net was a little dearer than I had expected, not expensive just more than I had thought, so I brought five meters for my petticoat instead of the ten I had planned on using.  This was very fortunate. Five meters meant that going through some doorways was interesting and  entering cubicles at service stations (and the like) was very difficult.  All 'problems' aside I love my frou frou petticoat - it is the first full size one I have made and the first one I have owned.

I like my petticoat so much that when I made my niece the dress for her birthday I wanted her to 
have a petticoat to go with it.  

 After measuring the length of the dress's skirt to find out how long to make the petticoat I cut two strips of white poly cotton for the top part.  Then I cut stripe of tulle netting for the frothy frou frou.  I wanted
two layers of netting so cut eight
 strips (four for each layer).  
I am very lucky because the 
leaves of my table make excellent
 cutting guides to ensure straight
 pieces of net.  Tulle netting is so lovely and soft.  The net I used was    wide.

I sewed the two strips of poly cotton together and then made a narrow hem at the bottom to sew the tulle onto.

 I then turned the top for the waist and using the guides on my machine to make the casing for elastic.

I rolled the net slightly while doing the seams on the net layers. 

 Marked out the top of the petticoat.

 Pinned on the first net layer.

 And started to sew.  Being very careful not to get any of the net or poly cotton caught in the stitching.
Gathering evenly the net as I sewed.  Then I did exactly the same with the second layer.  Being even more careful not to get any net caught up in the stitches.
Then I trimmed the top of the net to give a neat edge.
I had this lovely rosebud lace trim and used it to cover the edge of the tulle netting which gave a nice finish to the petticoat. 
Then the elastic was threaded through the top and all finished.

 It was quite hard to part with but I managed ......


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