Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Buying beads in the oddest places.

 At the War & Peace Revival Show earlier this year tucked away in a corner was a stall selling jewellery, baskets, beads and bags of mixed old beads (from broken necklaces) & broken oddments of jewellery. 

This was a long way away from the vintage village and the other stalls of clothing, accessories, and jewellery.

I brought several bags of the beads and a bag of the jewellery oddments.  Some of it was a bit nasty (but not very much), some of it not quite my taste and there were lots of real treasures.

It took quite a while to sort the beads into usable categories but it was great fun.  There were quite a few vintage beads in the mix.

 Lots of different sizes, shapes and styles - perfect for creating unique bags and purses.
This is the first time I have seen glass beads as small as grains of fine sand, I hope I can get a needle through them.

There were lot of unusual larger  were in one of the bags, there were several crystals and pretty old glass beads in various sizes, shells, wood and pearls - beads of all shapes.  

The oddments of jewellery included a lot of earrings, clip-ons as well as ones for pierced ears, rings and brooches. 

I am really looking forward to designing and creating my new projects.  Adding oodles of beads amongst the ribbons and lace. 
I love this little brooch

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