Monday, 22 September 2014


The first item I decided to make from my recent fabric buying frenzy was a pair of trousers from the striped fabric.  This was because I found amongst my sewing stash a zip the right colour and size and a spool of thread in the perfect colour.  As soon as I saw this fabric I knew it had to be trousers.
cutting out the pattern

I used Vogue ADRI pattern 2279 enlarging it slightly to ensure it fitted.  I have used this pattern before making up the jacket and the top but this is the first time I have made the trousers.

sewing a flat seam
As I cut out the pattern pieces I noticed how much the fabric was, already, fraying and realised the best plan was to sew by hand so as to have more control.

 I decided to sew FLAT SEAMS because they give extra strength to a garment, think the seams on jeans. The instructions said a side zip so I marked where that should be before starting. 
  Putting the right sides of the fabric together I sewed the centre front and then the centre back pieces together. Next I joined the inner leg, and then each of the outside leg seams.  After all my seams were completed I top stitched them all.  This felt right to sew these trousers.
 Inserting the zip was next, carefully making sure that all the raw edges were neatly sewn.  
The pattern had darts marked for the waist of the trousers, but as I have already had to 'take in' the dress I finished last month and I hate mending I decided to make an elasticated waist instead.

Unfortunately I did not obey the measure twice cut once rule and my elastic and my elastic was slightly too wide for the waistband and had to be cut to size.  I wouldn't recommend doing this but it was Sunday and I was keen to get the trousers finished .

I sewed a few stitches to hold one end of the elastic in place then being very careful not to sew through the rest of it I finished sewing the waistband down.

The cat decided to 'help' me at this stage by sitting on the sewing on my lap. He has 'helped me' with most of my recent sewing projects.

The legs were quick and easy to measure and hem and the elastic adjusted to fit.  A skirt fastener sewn on the the trousers are finished.

need ironing but that's all

 It has been a very long time since I made anything completely by hand.  When I first started making my own clothes I couldn't afford a sewing machine so to have the clothes I wanted I had to make them by hand.  I had forgotten how  practical hand sewing is, without the worry of a machine you can sew anywhere, anyplace, anytime. 
 Now to see if I have got enough left of three metre length of fabric to make a skirt as well.  my pair of trousers has cost me just £4.00

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